Folkmagick Minecraft Server

Folkmagick is Technic Mod server. To play you must download the Technic Launcher

NEW! Folkmagick TPPI Server

To play on the Folkmagick TPPI mod server, use the technicpack launcher as described above. However instead of adding a mod pack, simply select the mod pack labeled "Test Pack Please Ignore" from the left sidebar scroller and press PLAY.

The server address to use to play is:

This is a non whitelisted server, It is a base TPPI server, non-bukkit. There are no special commands, warping, homeset and the like. However there are alternative teleportation options built into many of the mod packs, be it a technological or magical means.

Griefing and swearing are not allowed on this server. You will not receive warnings, if you do you will be ejected.

Warning: this mod pack usually takes a bit to load, be patient it will eventually load.