Folkmagick Minecraft Server

Folkmagick - Main Server

To play connect to 25565

Folkmagick is Technic Mod server. To play you must download the Technic Launcher

Folkmagick has it's own custom "mod pack" it's rolled together for play, which is based off of the Hexxit modpack. We have several additional mods installed which add some cool functionality to the play experience. To install our modpack, simply:

  1. open the Technic Launcher
  2. on the left hand side you will see the mod chooser, select "Add new Mod Pack"
  3. paste our modpack url into the input box:

Additional note: Due to security issues and the overall trust factor, Folkmagick is a whitelist only server.

* Please allow us up to a day or so to respond, we all have responsibilities in life other than minecraft! However that's not to say you're request isn't important to us.

This is a hardcore survival only server. There is no staff, no admins. No special perks are given to players. Craft your stuff legit. Can't handle this? By all means feel free to visit the many other servers available at

NEW! Folkmagick TPPI Server

To play on the Folkmagick TPPI mod server, use the technicpack launcher as described above. However instead of adding a mod pack, simply select the mod pack labeled "Test Pack Please Ignore" from the left sidebar scroller and press PLAY.

The server address to use to play is:

This is a non whitelisted server, It is a base TPPI server, non-bukkit. There are no special commands, warping, homeset and the like. However there are alternatives like portal guns etc for teleportation.

Warning: this mod pack usually takes a bit to load, be patient it will eventually load.